Yoga for Health & Wellness

Age gracefully with yoga

Find balance in body, mind and spirit through gentle movement and focused breathing

Supportive group or individual sessions

Client Comment:   

"I highly recommend reflexology!  The deep relaxation helps me to keep my anxiety and hyper feelings under control and allows me to breath deeper to release tension.  Reflexology is a great holistic approach for improving health and wellness."    

Sharon F.

Marion, Ohio

​​Reflexology Sessions

Deep relaxation and stress reduction

Although only the feet and/or hands are worked on, it's a whole body experience

Treat yourself to total relaxation!

Yoga for Health

Yoga & Reflexology

        Marion, Ohio

Ahhh...Relaxing in Restorative Pose!

Contact Information

Susan Wilhelm


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"Yoga for Health"

Reflexology Location: 

309 South Main Street.  White house next to gas station. Park & enter from back of house.

​​Yoga Location:

205 West Center Street

Downtown Marion 

Studio is on the 3rd floor.  Enter from the lower level on the parking lot side of the building.  Elevator immediately inside door.​