​​​Hi Everyone,

I am happy to announce that Yoga for Health is reopening for in- person classes on June 23.  We will begin in the open space outside the yoga room with safe distancing for yoga mats.

As of September:

Masks and social distancing are required for vaccinated and  unvaccinated students.

If you are vaccinated, you have a choice not to wear your mask when you are on your mat.  If you are unvaccinated, a mask must be worn at all times, even on the mat.

WEDNESDAYS -  10-11:15

September 8, 15, 22, and 29

$10.00 per class.  Pre-registration required.

Can pay in class or pay ahead through Venmo @Sue_Wilhelm

OR Mail check to 510 S. Vine St. Marion 43302


​​​ Class Information

These Hatha Yoga classes are gentle and slow-paced.  They focus on increasing flexibility, strength and body awareness in order to be comfortable in our bodies as we age. If you're over 50, this class is for you, even if you have never taken yoga before. The emphasis is on breathing techniques and relaxation for release of tension and stress. Props, such as walls, chairs,  blocks, blankets, bolsters, and straps can be used to support alignment in the postures. Poses are  adapted ​to meet student needs. 
Students must bring own mat.

All classes are  mixed level and on-going so a student can begin at any time.

Beginner's welcome.

To registertext or call:  740-360-8882  

 Or email: wilhelmyoga@yahoo.com 



How to Prepare for Class

  • Wear non-restrictive clothing for easy movement.

  • Please refrain from using any scents or perfumes as some people are sensitive to them.

  • Bring a yoga mat and any props you have.

  • Have a reasonably empty stomach.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in and set up.

Important Guidelines for Practicing

  • Pay attention to your breath.  Keep it comfortable and easy.

  • Forcing and straining  your body are counter-productive.

  • Respect how your body feels in a pose...feel the stretch, but do not go into pain. 

  • Focus on your own experience ​and do not compare yourself with others.

  • Rest whenever you need to...even if others are still in a pose.

  • Let the teacher know if you are experiencing discomfort.

  • Enjoy the process!

These pictures do not reflect the new 6 foot mat distancing but they do show the new open space we will be in.

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