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"Yoga for Health"

Yoga for Health

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What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of relaxation and rejuvenation that originated in India thousands of years ago. In today’s world, yoga is a simple but profound technique for stress reduction and health enhancement. 

​The word yoga in Sanscrit means to yoke or join.  The practice of yoga brings about a joining or union of body, mind and spirit. The yoga poses, called asanas, belong to the path of yoga called hatha yoga, the yoga of movement.  There are many different styles of hatha yoga, from very gentle to more vigorous.  In addition to asanas, hatha yoga incorporates breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation.

​The practice of yoga strengthens and tones all parts of the body, including the internal organs, and can help to maintain health on many levels.

Almost anyone, regardless of age, can do yoga in some form.  Each student works at his/her own pace without straining.  Yoga can even be practiced in a chair.  There is no competition in yoga.  Students can experience benefits from yoga just from working at their own level.

​Any student with a special concern (recent surgery, abnormal blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, detached retina, ear problems, sciatica, history of back pain or injury, pregnancy, or physiological misalignment, etc), is advised to consult a physician before starting to take classes.  If cleared to begin exercise, it is important to make sure the teacher is aware of any issues.

With regular practice, yoga can help to:
increase strength, muscle tone and flexibility …reduce tension and calm the mind …improve breathing and circulation …develop a sense of balance and poise …facilitate relaxation and stress reduction …help to support the healing process

​​Benefits of yoga: