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Session Fees:

1/2 hour - $40.00 (includes tax)
1 hour - $60.00 ​(includes tax)

Yoga Student Discount:
Anyone actively enrolled in yoga classes at Yoga for Health qualifies for a $5.00 discount on each  one hour reflexology session. ($55.00 per session)
Referral Discount also available.

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Susan Wilhelm


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​​​​Client Comments:

"I have a much improved immune system since starting my reflexology sessions.  My sinuses drain properly, no more sinus infections or sinus headaches. I did not have a summer cold. And while everyone around me is coming down with some form of a cold, I have not had any."
Joann R.
Marion, Ohio

"I am always recommending reflexology to my friends.  An hour with Susan is like an hour of heaven.  Relaxation at its finest.  Susan is the epitome of zen."

Sharon G.

Marion, Ohio


​"During my reflexology sessions, I can frequently feel the nerve connections that run between the reflexes in my feet and the areas of my body that are giving me trouble.  After these sessions with Susan, the problems areas are improved.  The process is very relaxing!"

Carol B.

​Marion, Ohio

What is reflexology?

Primarily, reflexology is a wellness technique for stress reduction and relaxation.  It is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body.  Alternating pressure is applied to these reflexes on the bottom, top and sides of the foot or hand using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques as shown on specific reflex maps of the body.  This makes reflexology different from massage. 

Do you work on your feet all day?  Do you have tired achy feet?  

Rejuvenate your whole body with reflexology!

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Basically, this is how it works:

Reflexology can induce  a feeling of relaxation throughout the whole body.  

This sense of relaxation is calming to the nervous system.  

Calming the nervous system allow the body to release stress and tension. 

Releasing stress and tension in the body benefits the immune system.

A strong immune system allows the body to better deal with the stresses placed on it by daily living  as well as those stresses associated with illness, injury or pain.

Benefits Frequently Reported by Clients:

reduction of stress & anxiety

relaxation & release of tension

improved circulation

improved body function

better sleep

(Reflexology is not a substitute for medical care but can be used as a compliment to other medical treatments or therapy.  A reflexologist does not diagnose or prescribe.)

What can I expect during a reflexology session?

During a reflexology session,  you will be lying on a comfortable table.  The only clothing that is removed are socks and shoes.  The reflexologist works on your feet and/or hands by applying specific pressure techniques to relieve tension and help the body relax.   Pressure can be adjusted according to the client.   Most people find the experience very relaxing and it is not uncommon to doze off!

Where can I get more information?   (American Reflexology Certification Board)  (RAA - Reflexology Association of America)  (RAO - Reflexology Association of Ohio)